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This site is no longer maintained, but fear not ST fans! The new spandangly site is now up and running and will soon leech all of this site's content like a big leechy thing! Go here: The New Spandangly Joy Of Sticks. Here you will find the results of The Great Atari ST Game Survey amongst other brilliant Atari ST related tidbits.

Welcome to The Joy Of Sticks! If you are interested in reading comprehensive reviews of Atari ST games featuring screenshots, videos and links to other reviews and further information then you have come to the right place! We also have some transcribed issues of ST Format for you to read, if you are that way inclined. The ST wasn't my first computer (that crown goes to the small, but perfectly formed Acorn Electron), but as soon as I opened the box on that fateful Christmas morn, I was in love. If you have any feedback, or wish to suggest a game to review, don't hesitate to click on 'Contact' on the navigation at the top of the page.

Sunday 13th July 2008
Novice wizard wanted, apply within.
Here's another review of an FTL game, this time (As I've never played Sundog) it's Dungeon Master's turn. Join me for a little Swords and Sorcery by torchlight...

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Thursday 10th July 2008
Kill Grunts! Grab Beasties!
Strap yourselves in folks, things are about to get very weird. We delve deep into the stream of Jeff Minter's consciousness in the game known on this planet as Llamatron! This review was inspired by a round in the ST Offline Tournament (STOT) which you can take part in at the Atari Forum.

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Monday 7th July 2008
Civilization review added

Another hour-sapping life-eating strategy classic from 1993 reviewed. This time it's Sid Meier's Magnum Opus: Civilization! ST owners had to wait two years for this, always uncertain whether they would ever get a conversion. Was it worth the wait?

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Wednesday 18th June 2008
Space: The Final Frontier
Well, it wasn't the final Frontier, there was a sequel but it was incredibly buggy and... Sorry, that's a completely different story! Have a butcher's at another review of one of my favourite games of all time. This time, I have tried to be a little more objective and critical (thanks Xerus) and failed (sorry Xerus). Oh well, c'est la vie...

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Tuesday 29th April 2008
Championship Manager Review '93
Are you a football fan with a lot of time on your hands? Then Championship Manager is for you! Here's a review of my favourite iteration.

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Saturday 15th December 2007
ST Format Issue 4

Merry Christmas! In your stocking this year is a jam-packed issue of ST Format!

With features on viruses and cracking, interviews with Lord British and a computer assisted music charity, reviews of The STE, S.E.U.C.K., Interphase, Indiana Jones and laser printers, help with STOS, the Cyber series and so much more, there's plenty to keep away those Boxing Day blues.

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Sunday 2nd September 2007
ST Format scans added!

A previous endeavour to scan all issues of ST Format has now been uploaded. Hey, we've only done 3 issues, but it's a start!

Issue 1 includes an introduction to GFA Basic, reviews of the new Mega ST1, Bloodwych, Waterloo, Kult, Hisoft C interpreter, STOS compiler and more!

Issue 2 features joysticks, an interview with Wayne Smithson (programmer of Blood Money), More GFA tutorials, and reviews of Cubase, ParSec graphics board, Blood Money, Kick Off... need I go on?

Issue 3 has a look at the "brand new" Ataris, namely the TT and STE, and gets brutal with a look at violence in video games. Reviews include; An Eprom blower, Word processors, Strider, Xenon 2, New Zealand Story and Summer games.

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Thursday 21st June 2007
Review number 2: IK+

The best beat-em-up on the ST? Maybe! This game was one of my earliest ST memories and is partly responsible for my enduring obsession with my little grey box. I remember going to my best mate's ST party at about nine years old, (he was a bit older than me) and they had two STs linked playing populous, and another ST alternating between Super Sprint 3 player and this little beauty.

Don't forget to send me your opinion on either the review or the game itself. Happy reading!

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Sunday 10th June 2007
The Joy of Sticks is alive!

Welcome to a spanky new site dedicated to bringing you reviews of the finest Atari ST games on offer! First up we have: (Drum roll please) Oids!

Oids is a fantastic little shooter from FTL, the makers of Dungeon Master. I hope you enjoy the review and think it's a fair reflection of what's on offer from this underrated classic.

Let me know what you think, all comments and criticisms are gratefully recieved. Also, if you have any suggestion as to what I should review next, drop me a line.

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